Like an eagle soaring high, Marc-Ernan Enterprises started spreading its wings in the Northern part of the Philippines in 1994 and eventually capturing a sizeable market share.

For two decades, the company has catered to the needs of their growing clientele with laboratory equipment and diagnostic products from its trusted principals.

With its vision to continually provide for the needs and requirements of its external and internal customers, MARC-ERNAN ENTERPRISES has expanded its coverage to include the rest of the archipelago with a team of well-trained and experienced sales representatives and selected sub-distributors based in the key cities.

The company’s core values, which include integrity, hard work, and determination, stem from its founders love for God, his family and his employees.

Marc-Ernan Enterprises has been established as an importer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic products for the Filipino healthcare community. Established in 1994 in the northern part of the Philippines, the company has now expanded its coverage to include the whole archipelago.
Its headquarter is located at 214 Doña Mercedes Compound, Nalsian, Calasiao, Pangasinan, Philippines. These facilities cater to the needs of its growing clientele nationwide.
With its continuing effort to strive for excellence, the company endeavors to identify and introduce new products for the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry that will contribute to the advancement of laboratory medicine and improve healthcare. With the support of our trusted principals we are able to introduce and market innovative products that meet the needs of clinicians and laboratories.
Supported by an excellent team of 20 well-trained and efficient sales and marketing people the company never cease to develop innovative means to met its clients’ highest expectations as well as realize its goals and objectives.
Marc-Ernan Enterprises is duly accredited by the Department of Health (DOH), Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)/Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Bureau of Customs (BOC).
The company currently distributes products from reputable companies such as Giesse Diagnostics, Europe; Polymed Therapeutics, Inc, USA; Green Cross, South Korea; Labor Biomedical Technologies (Labitec), Germany; Rayto Life and Analytical Sciences Co. Ltd., China and Dirui Industrial Co.


Our philosophy is to import and distribute products that could help create a broader market for the company and maintain its competitiveness in terms of quality, price and customer service.


We shall be strategic partner in delivering high quality diagnostic products to the healthcare community because we care for life.


We strive to meet our customer’s highest expectations by providing high quality, value for money products and services in a manner that is beneficial to both our customers and employees


  • INTEGRITY. We follow clear ethical guidelines and strictly enforce them throughout the company.
  • COMMITMENT. We are committed to service, excellence, and courage.
  • PASSION. We are passionate in making the “impossible” happen.
  • RESPECT. We treat all as worthy as regard.
  • HONESTY. We promote the highest standards of honesty. We conduct business in an ethical, open and honest manner at all time.